New Roland MPX-90M UDI barcodes impact printer, marking surgical instruments

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New Roland MPX-90M UDI barcodes impact printer, marking surgical instruments

With the MPX-90M UDI barcodes impact printer, marking surgical instruments and tools with unique device identification (UDI) is more precise and affordable than ever. The MPX-90M quickly and accurately imprints large amounts of data in barcode format as small as 1mm2 on materials ranging from surgical steel and titanium to aluminum and acrylic. It does this in the most clean and user-friendly way possible, without debris, odor or fuss.

MPX-90M Highlights

  • Mark GS1 DataMatrix barcodes for UDI compliance as directed by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Diamond-tipped stylus marks hard materials up to 200 HV
  • Clean, precise workflow with no debris or odors
  • Automatic surface detection for error-free imprinting
  • Bundled METAZAStudio software for easy setup and operation
  • Built-in laser pointer and adjustable XY vise
  • Automated head height function ensures proper image placement
  • Two nose cones facilitate marking on flat and curved surfaces
  • Adjustable XY axis clamping table for holding flat and odd shaped tooling
  • Variable data printing allows automatic imprinting of unique serial numbers, production lot dates and other sequential data


Clean, High-Speed Marking on Hard Metal Surfaces

The MPX-90M uses a durable diamond-tipped stylus to directly imprint on titanium, stainless steel and other hard metals. Engineered for speed and precision, the MPX-90M can quickly imprint up to 26 digits of information inside an area as small as one square millimeter. Because it does not burn or remove material on impact, the MPX-90M generates no odors or debris. No daily maintenance or special power or ventilation is required.

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