New A2MEGA 110 MH/s Scrypt Asic Mining Hardware include PSU

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New A2MEGA 110 MH/s Scrypt Asic Mining Hardware include PSU

The devices will range in hash rates of 80MHS to 110MHS depending on pool, coin, frequency settings, hardware variance, and other random factors.

1100w GOLD power supply will be included. Control board will also be included so it will be a plug and play machine. No assembly required

30 Days Factory Warranty.


Chip Specs
• Developed on 28nm using very low power design techniques and best efficiency.
• Custom IC package with power bars for low voltage, high current feeding.
• Configurable in daisy chain mode for distributed work with up to 253 ASICs.
• Standard SPI interface with CS pin needed to enclose all useful SDI and SDO data.
• 27 highly optimized hashing engines based on custom ASIC cells up to 1.6M.
• Built-in redundancy architecture to allow for bad engines to be bypassed without affecting mining operation.
• Flexibility to configure the PLL clock and computation performance.
• Hashing power of 1.6M in nominal and 1.8M in Turbo mode.
• Power usage of 10W in typical nominal and 12W in typical Turbo mode.
• Supply voltage of 0.78V in low power, 0.84 V in Turbo mode for ICs.
• No need for special cooling, just regular top and bottom heat sinks plus fan cooling.

The Device Specs
• A Total of 6 boards with 10 chips on each board, Total 60 Chips in a miner
• Size = 51cm—42cm—16cm
• Temperature = Runs cooler than the A1 miners

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