Wasatch SoftRIP Large Format Edition version 7.3

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Wasatch SoftRIP Large Format Edition version 7.3

Barcode-driven workflow, support for image file formats used in direct-to-garment printing, and new management tools for shops that run multiple shifts, are some of the new features in Wasatch SoftRIP Version 7.3.. Driven by the requirements of a new generation of high-speed imaging technology, Wasatch SoftRIP allows users to create, edit, delete, and manage thousands of unique jobs every day. In Wasatch SoftRIP, it is perfectly natural to maintain 10,000 entries in a Print Queue.

Wasatch SoftRIP supports industrial printing, not only with speed, but also with the most powerful system integration tools we've ever offered. The new XML-based interface makes it possible for system integrators and sophisticated users to control Wasatch SoftRIP via HTML and JavaScript running entirely in a web browser, or via customized network software or "XML hot folders". Customized user interfaces can be made to run on any computer, iPad®, or smartphone, and anywhere in your facility or on the Internet.

Barcode Annotations
Printing barcodes alongside every job is an important factor in many workflows, especially for high volume shops. Wasatch SoftRIP now includes an option to print a barcode and file name with all your print jobs. And, an option to mirror your annotation makes this feature useful in a variety of dye sublimation workflows.

Alpha Channel Support
Direct-to-garment printing just got easier! Version 7.3 supports transparency in TIFF, PSD, and PNG files, creating yet another solution in Wasatch for handling direct-to-garment image files.

A file containing an alpha transparency channel will appear in Wasatch with a checkerboard pattern. The pattern indicates the portions of an image that will be transparent and, therefore, will not lay down ink, allowing the garment material to show through. This will use less ink and improve the overall feel of the garment.

Creating files with an alpha channel is also useful in white ink workflows. Set up your white ink generation preferences in Wasatch and alpha channels will automatically be recognized and print accordingly.

Tools for Every Level of Expertise
Wasatch SoftRIP gives you the perfect combination of easy operation and sophisticated features. New users will be up and running in minutes, thanks to our easy-to-use color controls, plug-and-play imaging configurations, and quick setup. Printing experts will find the intricate controls and innovative tools necessary to implement even the most complex production and color workflows for unparalleled quality output.

A New Standard in Color Quality
SoftRIP's exclusive Precision Stochastic Screens Halftone Method achieves excellent color reproduction with perfectly smooth gradients. SoftRIP has the most extensive arsenal of color tools available in any RIP. With intricate controls and innovative tools necessary to implement even the most complex color workflows, SoftRIP is the RIP that color experts choose most.

Effective Workflow Enhancements
Many users will RIP and print multiple-page PDF files through Wasatch's Hot Folders. With this release, users can easily find a particular PDF page in the queues with an improvement of how Wasatch displays the file name.

Wasatch Queues provides more information than ever about your print jobs. The print queue properties window now includes the date and time of all jobs printed, so you know exactly what was printed and when.

More Management Tools
This release contains tools that allow you to control your printing process in more depth. Including the ability to lock controls under an administrator password, such as Print Setup and the Cost Estimator; and a revised roll feed counter that warns you when your printer is nearing the end of a roll.

Creating and maintaining a color database in Wasatch has become increasingly important, especially for textile users. Sorting color names in the Color Database and Special Color windows is now possible, making it quick and easy to find the saved color you need. Plus, a color database can conveniently be transferred from one Wasatch installation to another, so a facility with more than one copy of Wasatch can efficiently manage saved colors.

System Requirement for SoftRIP 7.3
- 2GHz CPU
- 120GB hard drive
- DVD-ROM drive
- Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10

- 3GHz or higher quad core CPU
- 500GB or larger hard drive (SSD preferable)
- High-speed internet connection
- Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10 64 bits

Wasatch offers a 60 day return policy on all RIP's.

The following large format printer drivers are available:

Check with: http://www.wasatch.com/largeformatlist.php

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