100 packs STAHLS Portofolio

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100 packs STAHLS Portofolio

STAHLS' Portfolio binder includes application samples of CAD-CUT® and CAD-COLOR® transfer films.

This comprehensive sample book shows you how you can easily, quickly and as efficiently as possible, use the most advanced equipment and materials available for heat printed graphics on your garments.

With CAD-CUT® and CAD-COLOR® materials you can achieve a variety of printed effects on textiles. 

CAD-CUT® materials are textile printing films that you cut with a plotter, and then apply using a heat press onto the appropriate fabrics. The generic term “CAD-CUT®” applies to all the plotter cutter textile printing films contained in STAHLS portfolio for professional textile finishing.

With CAD-COLOR® films, you can print onto textiles easily. Whether you want to print your company logo onto materials such as cotton, cotton blends, polyester, nylon or Lycra, you can now use our CAD-COLOR® materials to produce a unique single piece, or large quantities. 

This high quality sample binder is a great sales tool to show your customers what applications you can produce for their marketing needs.

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