10 roll DIGIMEDIA Polymeric Film Gloss Bubble Free (50m per roll)

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10 roll DIGIMEDIA Polymeric Film Gloss Bubble Free (50m per roll)

Manufactured in Europe, it complies with all EU standards including REACH (EC standard 1907/2006), which ensures high levels of protection to human health and the environment. It also meets fire protection B1 that means it’s also suitable for interiors.

Fast drying, this film maximises your productivity, and because it’s repositionable, it reduces losses and saves on time during application. An optimised coating ensures vibrant prints from easily configurable ICC profiles and excellent opacity means any existing surface area markings are covered.

A glossy, white, self-adhesive, polymeric calendered vinyl film covered on the backside with a high quality PE liner. Available in widths of 105cm, 137cm and 152cm, its grey-pigmented solvent-free adhesive is designed for easy processing and bubble-free bonding due to its micro air channel design. 

Water resistant prints can be output using solvent, eco solvent, UV curable or latex inks. When used for outdoor applications, film durability is up to seven years, however, the lifespan of the print itself depends on inks and finishing used.

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