DIGITOOL Universal Fume Extractor

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DIGITOOL Universal Fume Extractor

Every company has the responsibility to health and safety of their employee and this is a legal requirement in many countries. Whereas most grand format solvent printers are equipped with an air purification system, many wide format printers work without air purification in many printshops. This represents a risk that can be easily resolved with a small investment.

DIGITOOL Universal Fume Extractor is designed for the filtration of hazardous fumes and dusts generated by digital eco-solvent, dye-sublimation, solvent and UV printer. Fume extraction helps protect health, keep the performance of the printer at the highest level and decrease environmental pollution.

Ink fumes from printers should be controlled as they are unpleasant in the production environment and can cause headaches and nausea.

DIGITOOL fume extractor draws the contaminated fumes released by the printer when the ink is applied, heated and dried or cured. The fumes are then drawn through 4 powerful filters where the contaminants are captured : two pre-filters remove the big and heavy particles smoke and dust, a main HEPA filter removes the small particles and a special gas-filter absorbs the odours and the toxic gas. The filtered clean air can then be returned to the workplace.

Flanges are available for 100mm and 150mm diameter air hoses. The flange is used to connect the air hose of the DIGIPRINT Universal Fume Extractor to the printer. The flange is made of powder coated metal, has 4 screw holes to screw it onto the printer and a large bezel for the air hose connection.


  • Keeps the working environment free of fumes and smells.
  • Universal system with a small foot print that can be used with a wide variety of printers.
  • Sturdy metal enclosure with easy access to filter for cleaning / replacing.
  • Industry standard robust blower motor guarantees a long life span.
  • Special sound-absorbing materials and a low-noise blower assure minimum noise impact on the working environment.
  • 4 layer filter modules for optimal filtration, protecting your operators from hazardous fumes and particles.
  • Easy operation
  • ISO certified
  • One year warranty.


  • Maximum airflow: 1.000 m3/h
  • Input Power: 750 W
  • Voltage: 220V / 50 Hz
  • Air Pressure: 2300 Pa
  • Filters: 4 filters (ranging from 0.01 to 5 micron)
  • Filtration Rate: > 99.7 % @ 0.3µm
  • Noise Rate: > 65 dBA
  • Dimensions: 550 x 520 x 1250 mm
  • Weight: 85 kg
  • Inlet Diameter: 150 mm
  • Runs on 220V (110V transformer is available)

DIGITOOL Universal Fume Extractor is available with universal connections for all common printer models including:

  • HP
  • Mimaki
  • Mutoh
  • Roland

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