New Redline GT Full Immersion Racing Simulator and Game Theater

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New Redline GT Full Immersion Racing Simulator and Game Theater

  • Immersive Racing Simulator including body rattling vibration transducer and 4 speakers for surround audio.
  • 5 way adjustable cockpit with real leather sports seat
  • Logitech G27 driving controls with feedback steering, six-speed shifter and tri-pedal: gas, brake, clutch
  • Easily transition from driving to flight or from PC to PS3 with one button, no need to switch cables
  • Dimensions: 82"L x 35"W (purchase does not include Flat Panel TV, PC, Game Console, or flight controls)

This fully immersive racing simulator provides arcade driving experience right in your home. This gaming platform is compatible with PlayStation 3 and PC games and can switch from one game control to the other with a flick of a button. The five way adjustable cockpit brings these games to full-life with a full range seat slide with quick tilt seat, telescoping steering wheel, rapid adjust pedals and quick set armrests. Enjoy the comfort of this game for hours with solid lateral support and rich leather seats. Driving controls are the most advanced quality on the market, G27 controls include: force feedback steering, tri-pedal assembly (gas, brake, clutch) and six-speed shifter. Audio streams through a 5 channel, 170 audio amp coupled with 4 speakers to immerse the player in rich and vibrant audio from all sides. A high vibration transducer rattles the player as they twist and turn on curvy roads and shakes when collisions occur.

Other Redline GT attributes include: a rear storage area that can accommodate a PC or PS3 and games, a keyboard drawer to store a keyboard and mouse, blue LEDs illuminate the undercarriage giving the game an arcade glow in your home. Easily transport and move the Redline GT on wheels.

The Redline GT is made in the USA by the premier manufacturer of coin-operated games and cabinetry. Redline GT measures 82"L x 35" W (30" W without Flight Controls and 40"W with Monitor). Purchase of the Redline GT does not include flat panel HDMI television, PC, Game Console or Flight Simulator controls.

42" LCD, PC, PlayStation or Xbox not included.

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